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Live Wholesome is now Tomo Thinks

This week I have finally launched the new design of my blog and with it I have changed the domain name from to

I have been wanting to update the design of the blog and clean up the content categories for a while, but until recently I simply didn’t have the time.  I’m really grateful to our two new team members at Wholegrain Digital, Ewa and Luke, who have turned my design into a beautiful fully functioning WordPress theme.

Over the past couple of years, this blog has served as a place for me to clear my head and post my thoughts, as well as being a place for out team to test out WordPress plugins on a ‘real’ site without worrying that something might break.  The new blog will continue in that regard and I’m looking forward to its continual evolution.

Something about ‘Live Wholesome’ just never felt quite right.  Although I loved the ethos behind it, it technically didn’t make sense grammatically, and the word ‘Live’ was also really ambiguous, as I found out last year when a man phoned me and asked to speak to someone from Live Wholesome, but pronouncing it like ‘Live television’.  So the name had to change.

I have been through tons of other name ideas and most domains were not available, so in the end I went for something simple that just states what it is.  It is my blog, where I write what I think, so Tomo Thinks seems to work. It also represents a change that has occurred in the past 12 months from what was previously a completely anonymous blog to one that is more transparent and personal.

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