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Buckwheat Galette Recipe

You may have noticed, that I am not just a fan of buckwheat, but I am also a fan of pancakes.  And lucky for me, the two are a match made in heaven.

In England we tend to make pancakes (sweet or savoury) our of plain white flour, but the French make their savourite pancakes (galettes) out of buckwheat, which gives them a really distinctive savoury taste and makes them way healthier than our pancakes.

This is a basic recipe for making the galettes with nothing but wholesome plant based ingredients (and a bit of oil).  I’ll post some recipes for really good toppings when I get some time.

  • Wholegrain buckwheat flour 100g
  • Unrefined salt a pinch
  • Flax Egg 1
  • Non-dairy milk 300ml (Almond works well)
  • Cooking oil 1 tbsp (I like grapeseed oil)

Forgive me if these instructions sounds strangely similar to my buckwheat breakfast pancake recipe, but you know, pancakes are pancakes!  Also note that you can reduce the amount of oil to make them healthier.  I’m trying to find a way of making them completely free of refined oil but I haven’t cracked it yet.  Ideas welcome!

Preheat a pancake pan or a large shallow frying pan on a medium high heat.

Place the buckwheat flour in a large mixing bowl and stir in the salt and the flax egg.

Make a well in the centre and gradually stir in the milk until you have a nice runny consistency.  If it is too dry, just add a little more milk.

If you are using a non-stick pan then the oil in the mixture should be enough to stop them sticking, but you’ll need to use your own judgement on that.

Now ladle the mixture into the centre of the frying pan and quickly move the pan so that you get the mixture to run evenly around the pan in all directions, coating it thinly.  It doesn’t matter if it is a funny shape.  That just adds character.  However, try to avoid big holes because that might get tricky when serving the filling.

Leave it on the heat until the edges of the galette start to lift themselves off the pan, then gently shake the pan or slide a spatula underneath to check that the centre has also come free.  Once the galette is loose on the pan, toss it in the air and see if you can still catch it like you did when you made pancakes as a kid.

Assuming you caught it, it should have a nice golden colour.  Just wait a minute or two for the other side to go golden and then you are ready to serve.

Slide it onto a plate, put your filling in the middle and fold the edges up into a parcel.  Ooh la la!

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