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WOMEN : Let the wild thing rise

This is a guest post written by my good friend Pierre Menu.  He is one of the most passionate, honest and inspirational people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and it is a real honour for me that he has taken up my offer to write on Live Wholesome.  I hope you enjoy his writing!


Women let the wild rise.

The world needs to feel you alive.

This earth needs to nourish itself with your . All the aspects of your wild femininity.

Be more than one. You are more than one. Express all the different and changing emotions rising within you. You are this abiding change of emotions.

You are the lioness, the cat, the antelope, the boldness, the storm, the hurricane the shooting star, the butterfly, the flower, the shyness, the caress. You are the wave, the see. You are the roots, the tree. You  are the shake, the earthquake, the winter , the spring, the night, the dew, the dove. You are love. You are life creation, life expression in all its forms.

Don’t be afraid to the colored. To let shine all those wild women’s that come and go within you.

We love You WILD. We fall in love for you when you are wild and then we try to domesticate you, misguided  by our fears. Because we fear this  power, this amazing feminine energy  that you are. There is nothing more scary for us than an  opened wild woman, completely in resonance with the feminine goddess rising on her now, in this very moment. We are fascinated therefore scared by this infinite source of energy. You are far more powerful than us. But the fears that spoil our communities, our societies are repressing the expression of this power.

Is is so common to see little girls not allowed to show their inner emotions in our days!

In the same time business marketers use the images of your body to sell to the world their products. Why? Because there is nothing that fascinate more the world than your energy. So, Women, don’t be ashamed to show the wild thing..

We will thank you for that

We will praise you for that

We will respect you for that

We will love you for that

So deepen the wild thing! Walk bare feet , freely on this world, do things that make your eyes shines, dance, sing, laugh, love, shine and create.

Let your sacred wild femininity rise!


Thank you to read me

We are grateful to have you.


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