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The lie we live

I recently came across this video by Spencer Cathcart about the lie that we live and I found it really powerful.  In 8 minutes, he clearly summarises the multitude of lies that we tell ourselves about the lives we live and the world we live in.

We live in a world built on the notion of freedom and human rights, yet our basic rights to live as a part of nature have been taken away from us.  We live in a system that we tell ourselves is positive, yet it goes against everything that we know to be good.  We strive for health, but the system is designed to make us sick.  We strive for freedom, but we have no where else to go.  We believe in community, yet we let the poor starve.  We believe that killing is the greatest sin, yet we justify killing animals and people from foreign lands.  We search for happiness, but find emptiness.  We spend most of our time chasing money, but don’t even know what it is.  We believe that we are all knowing beings, yet know so little about the world in which we really live.

Like animals in a factory farm, we are born into an industrial system and will spend our lives working for the profit of those that own the system.  But unlike those animals, this system is of its own making.  It exists because we created it and it thrives because we let it.

The greatest lie that we live, is that we are a god-like species, separate from nature.  We brand other species as pests and cast judgement on predators like sharks and crocodiles as being evil killers, yet we can’t see that we are the greatest pests the world has ever seen, and the most vicious predatory species.  We are the plague engulfing our small planet.  If we disappeared, our planet would heal and other species would rejoice.  We must face our reality, humble ourselves and restore our balance with the natural world, before it is too late.

Only when we open our eyes and admit the lies that we live, will we be able to transform our own lives to pursue true happiness and transform the system in which we live to embody the positive values that we all believe in.

Stop living the lie we have been sold.  Open your eyes and live the reality not yet told.

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