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The world is full of nice people

The difference between a nice person and a good person is subtle but important.

Nice people care about their friends and family, and they want to take care of their local neighbourhood and community. They’ll even raise money for charity or volunteer to help a good cause if it’s a cause that affects people close to them orĀ if doesn’t threaten their way of life.

Good people must first be nice, but they differ in two important ways. Firstly, their care spans not just the people and places close to them, but a wide spectrum of people, places and creatures over which they have no vested interest. Secondly, they’re prepared to make genuine personal sacrifices and change their way of life in order to promote a better world beyond their own interests.

Of course we are all flawed and it is important that make the mistake of expecting good people to be perfect. However, we must recognise the difference between good people and nice people. The world is full of nice people, but only when it is full of good people will we create a positive and sustainable future.

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