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My new favourite chocolate

I have always been a chocolate lover and for about the last 10 years my favourite chocolate has been Divine dark chocolate, which I think lives up to its name.

However, we recently had free tickets to a veggie food show in London and popped along for a quick look.

What interested me was that the veggie food show was run in parallel with the Free From food show (for people with food allergies and intolerances), which was about three times the size and actually had some good food in it.

In there we discovered a small company called Conscious Chocolate, which we had seen for sale in a local shop but hadn’t ever bought any.  So we tried their free samples and my god it was good!

They had a whole range of unusual flavours but my favourite by far is the good old classic Chocolate and Orange, which is not pictured above because it got eaten before I thought of taking a photo.

The interesting thing about Conscious is that the chocolate is not just delicious but it has a completely different texture from normal chocolate.  Usually I keep dark chocolate in my mouth for a bit to let it left, but Conscious is already very soft.

If the fact that it is really delicious wasn’t enough to get me excited, it is also raw, organic and sweetened with agave nectar. Sweet!

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