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My 5 Principles of Goodness

When I was growing up I was fascinated with how to live a good life.  Examining my own experiences, world religions and ancient philosophy, I came to understand that there were a few key principles that were at the core of goodness.  Now, many years later it has become apparent not only that I still try to live by these very same principles, but they are the basis for the health and happiness that I have achieved so far in my life.

So here are my 5 principles of goodness:

  1. Never knowingly cause unnecessary physical or emotional harm to any creature
  2. Always seek to nourish your body and mind
  3. Always seek to avoid poisoning your body and mind
  4. Share the things that are good in life
  5. Be true to yourself and let your conscience be your guide

I am far from perfect in following these principles, but the closer I get, the happier and healthier I am.

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