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Monkey King shows us how to move

I recently came across this video of a guy a India who was going to kill himself by jumping off a cliff but then decided instead to climb the cliff and discovered a love of rock climbing.

What is great about this guy is that he has used natural movement to bring positivity to his life, and to the lives of others.

But what is amazing is how he moves so fluidly like a monkey (hence his nickname The Monkey King).  I have often watched monkeys and other mammals scaling trees an rock faces and wondered if we are naturally less agile or whether we are just out of practice.  Sure, we have some amazing free climbers, but they generally take a more slow and calculated approach.  This guy however moves effortlessly up surfaces that most people would think impossible, and looks like he is feeling what he is doing rather than over thinking things.

Take a look at the video and be inspired!

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