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A different type of ambition

Last night, Vineeta stopped and asked me if we should be concerned that we’re not very ambitious. She had observed that we don’t seem to have the same drive to expand our business, obtain positions of power, to achieve social status or to pursue big goals in our professional and personal lives compared to some of our peers. This was not the first time that anyone had said something like this to me, and not the first time that I’d stopped to reflect on it.

My response was simple. We may not exactly fit the stereotype of ambition within our society, but we are anything but unambitious. We have an incredible life precisely because we are extremely ambitious.

We’ve always strived to achieve our own vision of success, in which we love each other unreservedly, spend as much time as possible together, always work as a team, share experiences, remain true to ourselves, live by our own morals, lead by example, cherish our friends and family, live where we want to live and how we want to live, pursue true health and happiness above all else, and continuously strive to improve.

You see, it doesn’t matter whether other people think we’re ambitious or successful, because we’ve always pursued the things that we believe truly matter the most. We¬†may not be rich in the conventional sense, but our¬†ambition is paying off. We have almost everything that we want in life, and that makes us very rich indeed.

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