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Alan Watts on the nature of money and wealth

As I stated in my recent post 12 things you need to know about money, we live in a world where we base our lives around money without having even a basic understanding of what it is.

One of the greatest misconceptions is that wealth simply means having a lot of money. However, wealth and happiness are not the same thing at all.  Money is an instrument that we use to assist us in measuring and therefore trading things of real value such as energy, material resources and intelligence. As Alan Watts (a man who said many wise things about money) stated, it is the things with intrinsic value that give us wealth.  Money is not wealth.

You could have vast amounts of money and nothing of any real value, but you would not be wealthy.  Or you could have everything that you need in life and no money, yet you would be very wealthy.

I would add to Alan Watts’ list of things that define wealth, some things that money is not even capable of measuring.  Health, love and joy.

Don’t spend your life chasing money.  Focus on obtaining the things that will fulfil your true physical and emotional needs and you will be the wealthiest person on earth.

I recently put together the video above with some Alan Watts recordings on this topic.  I hope you enjoy the video above.

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