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I think there are two really important things in life – Health and Happiness.  My wife and I love good food, but we have also reached that point in our lives where we realise that we need to take active responsibility for our own health.

So how do you enjoy life to the full and achieve optimal health?  In our modern world it seems that the two are at odds, yet the more we learn about real health and implement it in our own lives, the more we realise that the two are not at odds at all.  A healthy lifestyle and good health help you to feel happy, and happiness improves your health.  It’s a positive cycle.

We have learned one hell of a lot in the past few years and this website is a convenient place for me to keep a record of key ideas and recipes, and if other people find it interesting and useful or want to chip in with their own suggestions then that would be fantastic.

If I was to summarise my philosophy on health, it would be that no matter how clever we think we are, we will never be as clever as nature.  Nature has already got most things figured out, and when we start messing around with it, we tend to screw things up.  When we work with nature we discover that the key to great health is actually pretty simple (and cheap), consisting largely of a diet of fresh plant based whole foods, lots of exercise, fresh air, fun, companionship and relaxation.  And that is what this site is all about.



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